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Wow! I just finished reading Hope Solo’s biography titled “Solo” and I was blown away. This is an amazing woman who has her Father’s strength and love of people and her Mother’s courage to stay in the fight.

Controversy has followed this woman in her professional career. She has not had an easy road and her personal strength is displayed for everyone to read about in this very personal memoir.

Note: There are some spoilers ahead. I’ll try to minimize them to keep the book fresh for you to enjoy.

First, stop reading this and go download the eBook on iTunes or Amazon. This is money well spent. You may choose to hate her at the end, but you’ll be impressed by her no matter what your opinion. Very few people impress me in life. In this case, I was floored.

Second, I know nothing about women’s soccer. I read this with no interest in the sport. All of the events that took place were completely outside my life’s experiences. I was either working deep in a data center or in Iraq when all of these events took place. The narrative is so very well written that none of that matters. The story stands as a testament to this woman’s incredible strength, drive and love in life.


At the same time, this is a very deep love story. Ms. Solo’s love for her family and friends, is evident throughout the book. For once, there someone that shows you don’t have to be the Walton’s to have love surround you in life. Her brother and her fought like two mountain lion cubs growing up but they were there for each other first, last and always.

Her Father was the rock that she needed as she matured in life. Mr. Solo fought his own demon’s in life but led a victorious life.

Like so many head strong women, Ms. Solo and her mother battled over the years. Then found each other years later and became close again. I think many women would be able to relate to this portion of the book.

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Note the JJS on her glove. Those are her Father’s initials. Her Father is always with her in life!


Her Grandmother taught Hope to dig deeper into her spiritual side. She had two quotes from Corinthian’s tattooed onto her back.

“Persecuted but not forsaken. Cast down but not destroyed.”

Ms. Solo brings these quotes to life.


What a fantastic love story. You find yourself cheering for her and the man in her life, Adrian to not give up. What a team these two make! Go fate!


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Wherever Ms. Solo chooses to go in life, she will take it on her terms, surrounded by her loving friends and family. The ones that moved past the controversies. The ones that know and support her in everything she does.

If nothing else, she is going to have one hell of a time doing motivational speeches for the corporate market.

Good on you Ms. Solo!



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